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    Approaching our marina by sea...

    We maintain a listening watch on Channel 80 and our call sign is Deganwy Marina. Scroll down to view the Deganwy Approach Channel Buoys chart.


    Deganwy Approach Channel Buoys


    Tidal Gate Times

    Being a coastal marina, passage to and from the quay is only feasible at certain times of day throughout the year

    During the winter months, water levels can drop as low as 0.8 metres and rise as high as 8.7 metres.

    Deganwy Marina’s tidal gate is operated by our trained engineers to control a safe water level within the marina at all times.

    For more information and to download your own tide timetable, please click below.


    Tidal Gate Map

    Weather Forecast

    During the spring, summer and autumn months, North Wales enjoys lots of sunshine and high temperatures

    Enjoy a drink on the riverside terrace of The Quay Hotel and Spa, get your hiking boots and climb some Wales’ tallest mountains or set sail for the beautiful island of Anglesey or even Ireland if you’re looking to sail further afield. Deganwy Marina offers all these and more, making us the most ideal private marina in the area.

    The Great British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. This is especially prevalent on the north Wales coastline where we are located. In the event of bad storms, it is highly advised that you do not leave the marina on your vessel as the Conwy estuary and Irish Sea can be particularly violent during winter storms.